Addis Gets Bekary & Flour Factory with Baking Capacity of a Million Bread Per Day

ADDIS ABABA – The office of Ethiopia’s First Lady on Saturday inaugurated a Bread and Flour Industrial factory in Addis Ababa as its plan to construct similar factories in 10 major cities of the East African nation gets off to a good start.

Built on 6,000 Meter Squares of land, the factory has a capacity of baking one million loaves of bread and produces 72 tons of flour per day, according to the office.

First Lady Zinash Tayachew handed over the factory built at the cost of 217 million Birr to Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie, on the same day.

The plant – located at Lemi Kura Sub City – is expected to create job opportunities to more than 450 people and help ease the growing cost of living for residents in the capital.

The newly inaugurated factory is the first of the 10 factories that the Office of the First Lady’s plan to build ten major cities across the country.

These factories will have a capacity to produce 400 quintals of flour per day.

The new factory is the second major industrial level bakeries inaugurated in about a year.

In June last year, MIDROC, owned by Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi, opened a $2.6m Sheger Bread & Flour industrial bakery.

It has capable of producing 1.6m loaves of bread per day, and was expected to reduce the price of bread by over half in the capital. It, however, is yet to produce with full capacity and bring about its desired impact in Addis Ababa.