Over 4,160 Killed in Traffic Accidents last Fiscal Year

ADDIS ABABA – At least 4,161 people died in traffic accidents in Ethiopia during the 2020/21 fiscal year, the Federal Police Commission said.

In a report issued late last week, the Commission said the country experienced 15,034 road accidents during the fiscal year that ended on July 7, 2021, leaving 4, 161 people dead.

The accidents also inflicted serious physical injuries on 5,763 people while 5, 110 others also sustained minor injuries.

Police also recorded 31,643 accidents that caused damages on properties worth more than 2.28 million birr.

Incompetence among drivers, speeding, technical inefficiency of vehicles, inappropriate use of roads by pedestrians mentioned by the police as reasons for the majority of accidents.

The latest statistics from the police shows that road accidents have remained to be a major burden on the social, economic and health sectors.

Given the magnitude of the road safety challenge, the recent UN Road Safety Performance Review,o urged Ethiopia to give more attention to appropriate interventions.


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