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Man Accused of Killing Artist Hachalu Hundesa Gets Life in Prison

ADDIS ABABA – A man accused of assassining Artist Hachalu Hundesa has avoided the death penalty but sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday.

The defendant, Tilehurst Yami, was found guilty of violating anti-terrorisom proclamation 1176/2012 Article 3, by the Federal High court Lideta branch anti- terrorism and constitutional second bench late last Month.

The court also found the second and third defendants on the same file, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu,  guilty of violating 540 and 443/1 penal codes, respectively.

The Federal prosecutors had sought the death penalty on the first defendant, saying that he had two prior criminal records.

The Federal High Court, however, has sentenced sentenced him to serve the rest of his lifetime in jail in its session on Tuesday morning.

The other two defendants, Kebede and Abdi, also sentenced to serve 18 years and 6 months in jail time, respectively, reported Fana Broadcasting.