AU Slams Denmark’s New Law that Ship out Asylum-Seekers outside EU

ADDIS ABABA – The African Union has condemned “in the strongest terms possible” Denmark’s new ‘Aliens Act’ that provides its authorities to relocate asylum seekers to countries outside the European Union.

In a statement on Monday, the pan African bloc said the decision to send applications for international protection outside its borders “amounts to responsibility and burden shifting”.

“The African Union condemns (it) in the strongest terms possible,” the statement reads.

The European nation passed the law it termed as ‘Aliens Act’ recently despite being a state party of the 1951 UN Convention on refugees that provides international protection for persons in need of that protection.

The AU also said it views the new law “with the gravest of concerns and wishes to remind Denmark of its responsibility towards international” agreements.

Africa currently shoulders the burden of the world’s 85% of the refugees while developed countries host only the remaining 15%.

The AU “notes with great concern attempts and proposals to establish similar arrangements in Africa through bilateral arrangements, which is worrying and unacceptable”, reads the statement.

Denmark’s Aliens Act will allow Denmark to abdicate its international responsibility to provide asylum and protection to those that enter its territory.

Such moves are perceived as an extension of the borders of such countries and an extension of their control to the African shores, according to the continental bloc.

“Such attempts to stem out migration from Africa to Europe is xenophobic and completely unacceptable,” the African said.


Featured Image: African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa [Photo File]