UN Registered Aircraft Crashed Due to Bad Weather, says Investigation Bureau

ADDIS ABA – Bad weather-induced problem identified as a cause of a UN-registered aircraft crash in Eastern Ethiopia, according to Ethiopian Accident Investigation Bureau.

The accident occurred while the aircraft, registered as UN-0763H, was flying via Addis Ababa-Warder-Jigjiga-Diredawa route with four passengers onboard.

The aircraft collided with a hill and crashed in Kombolcha Woreda of Oromia region’s East Harerghe Zone on Tuesday. None of the passengers suffered serious injury.

Head of the Investigation Bureau, Amdye Ayalew said on Wednesday that the primary information collected by his bureau showed that the aircraft was forced to make a crash landing due to bad weather.

State-run Ethiopian news agency said the bureau has already set up an investigation team and sent them to the site to further investigate the incident.

The detailed investigation, which may take longtime, will be official to the public as soon as it is complete, according to the report.

The aircraft is owned and operated by Abyssinian Flight Services, and contracted by World Food Program.


Featured Image: Ethiopian Accident Investigation Bureau head Amdye Ayalew [photo ENA]