Close to 2mln Ethiopians vulnerable to flooding, Commission says

ADDIS ABABA – Around two million Ethiopians are vulnerable to flooding during the ongoing rainy season, the Ethiopia National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) disclosed on Wednesday.

Speaking to state media outlets, Debebe Zewde, Public Relations Director at NDRMC, said the Ethiopian government needs 88 million U.S. dollars to undertake preventive measures to help millions of people living in flood-vulnerable places.

Zewde further said 56 zones and 244 localities across Ethiopia have been identified as being vulnerable to flood conditions, reported state media outlet Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

“In addition to the risk of flooding in various parts of Ethiopia, other parts of Ethiopia in contrast are vulnerable to drought conditions,” the NDRMC official said.

Ethiopia is in the midst of a rainy season that started in June and is expected to last until mid-September, which occasionally causes landslides and floods in various parts of the East African country.


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