Multi-Billion Birr Worth of Illegally Stockpiled Metal Bars seized

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Police Commission of Ethiopia said they have found a multi-billion Birr worth of metal bars illegally stockpiled in 17 warehouses.

The stockpiles, found in whorehouses located and other places in Addis Ababa City and Oromia regional state, were purchased with huge amounts of the nation’s foreign currency and imported tax free into the country, said customs expert Regassa Giti.

The police seized the metal bars in an operation they launched based on several tips obtained from the public.

Federal Police Deputy Commissioner General, Zelalem Mengiste said the operation successfully conducted in collaboration with the Oromia Police Commission and other security forces.

Investigation is now ongoing to arrest the suspects involved in this illegal activity, the deputy commissioner general underlined.

The Police commission said several evidences have been found linking the incident to TPLF, a group named as terrorist group by Ethiopian parliament, and added the group hoard the metal bars was to inflict heavy casualties on the country’s economy.

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