New Charges Filed against Gen Gebretsadkan G/tensae and 73 Others

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Attorney General said on Thursday it has charged Gen Gebretsadkan G/tensae and 74 other individuals of attempting to overthrow the federal government and other offenses.

In a statement, the AJ office said the charges were brought against the individuals who, it said, set up and led a ‘Tigray’s Central Military Command’ after receiving orders from leaders of the TPLF, a group designated terrorist by Ethiopian parliament.

The AG also said the suspects were involved in attacks against members of the National Defense Force’s Northern Command based in Tigray, Federal Police, Federal government institutions as well as Amhara and Afar regions.

According to the statement, the defendants violated four articles of the Criminal Law of 2004 as well as Article 3 (2) of the country’s anti-terrorism proclamation.

The AG handed over a list of more than 500 witnesses, 5,000 pages of documents, and technical and video evidence to the Federal Higher Court of 3rd Anti-terrorism branch, according to the statement.

The court is currently reviewing the charges, it added.