UN Food Agency Launches First Humanitarian Flight to Mekelle

ADDIS ABABA – The World Food Program (WFP) has launched a humanitarian flight from Addis Ababa to the capital of Tigray region, Mekelle city, on Saturday.

In a statement, the ministry of foreign affairs said the flight received the approval from the government.

“Six people were on board with money to fund humanitarian operations of the organization in the region, pay salaries of humanitarian workers in 21 woredas, and wages for day laborers,” it added.

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority closed the northern part of airspace for all kinds of flights below flight level 290 from May 30, 2021.

Early July, the government said it would grant special flight permission for aid agencies to provide humanitarian services in the Tigray.

However, any humanitarian flights going to and from the region have to go via Addis Ababa bole international airport where they need to be ‘searched and screened’, authorities say

“As per the Government’s direction, (Saturday’s AFP) flight used Bole International Airport as a departure point and was reported to return to the same Airport today”, said the statement.

The Ministry also said the government has continued its commitment to provide humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region.

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