Security Command Reviews Election Preparedness

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has convened the National Election Security Strategic Command on Sunday for a briefing ahead of tomorrow’s national election day, his office said.

The vote is the first time Abiy will face voters as Prime Minister. ABiy told gatherings in the City of Jimma that Ethiopia will show a sceptical world that it can successfully hold a peaceful election.

During Sunday’s meeting, the PM together with National Election Security Strategic Command has reviewed preparations for the June 21 Poll.

The NISS Election Security Platform was unveiled in the central command Situation Room of the Prime Minister Office, highlighting election security preparedness.

“The security preparedness includes physical force deployments to all corners of the country as well as cyber security enhancements to thwart assessed threats,” says his office in a brief statement after the meeting.

Satellite monitoring systems and drone technology have been deployed for reconnaissance, the Office said.

It also said data sharing capabilities developed across federal and regional command post stations.

During the briefing, Prime Minister Abiy noted this new approach and the capabilities that have been created in ensuring national security ahead of key national activities.


Featured Image: top security and government officials have attended Sunday’s meeting held at the office of the Prime Minister Ethiopia [Photo PMoE]