Elderly, PwDs, Military & Police Officers Will Vote First, says electoral Board

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Election body has announced people who will be prioritised to vote first during the 6th general elections on Monday.

Over 38 million people have registered to cast ballots in the national and regional parliamentary polls on the June 21 vote.

Among these voters, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said it has identified voters that need support and those who shall be given priorities during the vote.

In a statement today, the board urged the head of the polling station to give priorities to “elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, parents carrying infants, members of the military wearing uniforms, and police officers” to vote first.

It also said a voter who needs support when marking his/her choice on the ballot paper and inserting the paper into the box, “has the right to bring with him/her a caregiver whomever he/she chooses” during the voting process.

However, the person chosen by the voter to provide support must be 18 or above and should not be a candidate or agent of a candidate, the board stated.

The person who provides assistance to a voter cannot help more than one person, it added.

The electoral board also tasked the head of polling stations to provide assistance in case voters who need assistance fail to bring in support.

“If the person in need of help has not brought anyone to assist him/her in marking his/her choice on the ballot paper and insert the paper into the box, it is only the head of the polling station who can provide the assistance,” the statement concluded.