Ethio Telecom Launches 4G LTE Service in 7 Cities in North Eastern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has launched today a Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) advanced service in seven cities as it expands the service to the north eastern part of Ethiopia.

“We are proud to launch 4G LTE Advanced service in Northeast Region towns of Dessie, Kombolcha, Woldia, Haik, Kemisse, Kobo and Lalibela where high mobile data traffic has been observed,” the state-owned telecom company said in a statement.

The latest launch LTE services in the seven cities is a part of Ethio telecom’s plan to expand the 4G LTE service to 103 cities across the country.

The services are described as having reliability, high bandwidth and high-speed features by the telecom company.

It will enable and empower Ethio Telecom’s 577,000 customers in the north eastern part of the country “to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences”, according to the firm.

Ethio Telecom first started the 4G service in Addis Ababa a year ago and has expanded the 4G network in North East, North-West, East and Central-East areas of the country this year.

The telecom service provider said it will continue to launch more network expansion projects in the remaining part of the country and increase mobile data network coverage and capacity.


Featured Image: CEO of Ethio Telecom Frehiwot Tamiru attended the launching event in the city of Dessie on May 31, 2021