(Photo (c) EAF)

Ethiopia Finishes African U18 & U20 Athletics Championships with 22 Medals

ADDIS ABABA – The junior Ethiopian Athletics team has finished the 4th African Athletics U18/U29 Championships in Lusaka with a total of 22 medals.

The young athletes were particularly impressive on the final day of the five-day long athletics event which started on April 29.

The team racked up seven more medals to their tally. Wubrist Aschalew, Aynadis Mebrate, and Asmarech Aneley won Gold, silver, and bronze in the 5000m race U20 category.

Mitin Ewnete and Samuel Buche also brought home silver medals in the 800 hurdles in women’s U20 and men’s U18 categories, respectively.

Ashenafi Emana also secured a Silver medal after finishing second in men’s 800m in the U20 category.

Abebu Ayalew, Ethiopia’s sole representative in the 5000m walking race, finished second, to collect the silver medal in the u20 category.

A total of 30 athletes have represented Ethiopia at the 4th African Athletics Championships U18 and U20. The team finished the continental athletics event with 6 Gold, 11 silver, and 6 bronze medals as well as 12 diplomas.

“This is a historic result,” said the Ethiopian Athletics Federation.