Gates Foundation Pledges to Support Dev’t Projects in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – A senior official at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has reaffirmed commitment to support Ethiopian government development projects.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen held discussion with Christopher Elias, President of the Foundation’s global development division on Tuesday.

The discussion was focused on ways to strengthen the development programs that the foundation has been carrying out in Ethiopia so far, according to the Ministry of Foreign affairs or MoFA.

MoFA’s statement says Deputy PM Demeke pledged to work together with the Foundation in various sectors, including education, health and agriculture during the meeting.

Demeke also reiterated the government’s efforts to support people whose lives are put in danger due to drought and the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

He said there are about 24 million Ethiopians who are in need of emergency life saving support, requiring cooperation among humanitarian and development partners, including the Gates Foundation.

Christopher, on his part, reaffirmed the Foundation’s commitment to work on the ongoing development projects with a special focus on the priority development areas identified by the Ethiopian government.

Given the current high costs of fertilizer and agricultural products, the Gates Foundation would remain committed to support the Ethiopian government efforts in this regard, he added.