Nation Earns $265.3M from Gold Export in 4 Months

ADDIS ABEBA – Authorities say gold export earnings amounting 265.3 US Dollars during last four months.

Ministry of Mining and Petroleum has described the performance of gold export as “encouraging” with the revenue showing an increase as compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year.

The urge in the number of mining companies joining the sector will further play a significant role to persistent growth of the export revenue, added the Ministry.

The revenue from Coffee, Flower and Khat exports has also shown remarkable growth during the last four months, according to the Ministry, according to FBC report.

Exports of gold, Coffee, Flower and Khat contributed 265.3mln, 230.5mln and 138.3mln US Dollars, respectively.

Ethiopia earned over 3.029bln US dollars from export in 2019/20 fiscal year.