Police Arrest 242 Suspects Plotting Chaos in Addis Abeba

ADDIS ABEBA – Police in Ethiopia’s capital have arrested at least 242 individuals who have been allegedly plotting to carry out chaos in the capital.

Addis Abeba Police Commissioner, Getu Argaw, said these individuals were recruited by the TPLF and found while preparing to bring about terror in the city.

Several weapons including bombs, explosives, a grenade launcher and bullets of firearms have also been found on the hands of the suspects, the Commissioner said.

“The TPLF Junta has deployed these individuals to carry out terrorist acts to destabilize the peace and security of the city,” the commission said.

Officials also seized 74 police uniforms, 744 various types of firearms and their 4628 bullets.

The commissioner said the city police would remain to be alert to keep the safety of the city while urging the public to take maximum precaution as there might be an attack in the city.

This comes a day after an abandoned grenade under Adwa Bridge in the capital exploded, injuring one person.

An assistant to a Mini Bus sustained minor injury after he stepped on an object he found wrapped in a bag, according to the Police.

Featured Image: Commissioner Getu has advised the public to contact the police whenever they see suspected materials.