Grand Palace to Be Open for Public Visit Next Week

ADDIS ABEBA – The Grand National Palace will be open for a pubic visit starting from next week, revealed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday.

The palace, also known as the Minilik Palace, is a palatial compound in Addis Abeba, which saw several recent histories of Ethiopia unfolding.

The prime minister announced his decision to open it for public last year and hopes the place could generate revenue for the country.

“Opening the palace for visitors will generate more currency to our country,” Abiy told the gathering for the riverside project inaugural on Tuesday.

He called the national palace renovation project, which also involves a future plan to open up the Jubilee Palace, as “wonderful and precious”.

The Minelik Palace renovation work has taken six months. On Thursday, a week from tomorrow, it will be open for the first time, the prime minister said, with members of the national military planned to be the first visitors.

Elders, orphans and more will visit it before its official opening for the public on Oct 14, 2019. The entrance is said to be 200 birr but could reach 1000 birr.

The palace encompasses three churches, a torcher chamber against the former emperor Haile Selassie officials, and a room where the emperor was imprisoned before his eventual death and many more.

By Mhret G/Kristos