ECX Traded Over 38,570 tons of Commodities in Sept

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) announced on Tuesday it has traded 38, 570 tons of commonalities worth 2.1 billion birr in the month of September.

Of this, the majority or 21,525 tons sold on ECA’s trading platform were Coffee.

The remaining were 7,111 tons of Soya Bean, 5,083 tons of Green Mung Beans, 3,994 tons of Sesame and 858 tons of White Pea Bean.

Coffee took a market lion’s share contributing 56% in trade volume and 76% in trade value, according to ECX.

The trade volume and value of coffee has increased by 47% and 55% comparing with the same month of previous year respectively. The average price of coffee has also increased by 2%.

During the month, export coffee trade dominated the market by controlling market attention with 76% of the volume and the value and followed by Local and Specialty coffees in a row.

About 15,967 tons of Unwashed Export coffee had been transacted for 1.18 billion birr. Unwashed origins, Gimbi shined with 24 % of the volume of the category followed by Illuababora with a 19 % market share.

In line with this, 380 tons of washed Export coffee had been cleared with ETB 29.97 Million. Sidama shined forwarding 24% of the volume of the category followed by Limmu and Yirgachefe with a market share of 22% & and 19% respectively.

Moreover, 3,875 tons of local coffee was traded for 268.52 million Birr. For local use coffee market; local unwashed took the leading in volume by 64% and that of local washed coffee has a market share of 36. %.

During the same month, 7,111 tons of Soya Bean has traded in the ECX marketing platform with a value of 111.29 million Birr.

Soya Bean Gojjam type has taken a lion’s share of 68% and 68% in trade volume and value respectively.

A total of 5,083 tons of Green Mung Bean has also traded with a value of 157.54 million Birr.

“When a comparison made with the month of August, it has increased by 160% and 170% in terms of trade volume and value respectively and the average price has increased by 5% from the previous month,” the exchange said.

In the month, a total of 3,994 tons of sesame had been traded for 223.25 million Birr.

Humera/ Gonder sesame took a higher share of the market by scoring 66 % and 72% in terms of volume and value respectively.

In a comparison made with the same month of the previous year the volume and value sesame trade has increased by 94% and 141% respectively, according to ECX.

The average price has also increased by 19% from the same month of the previous year. In addition, a total of 858 tons of white pea bean had been transacted for 20.57 million Birr, it said.

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