Beautifying Sheger Project

Construction of Riverside Dev’t Project in Addis Ababa Begins

ADDIS ABEBA – The construction of groundbreaking Addis Ababa Riverside Green Development Project is set to be launched today.

Announced in February, the 29 billion birrs scheme, also known as ‘‘Beautifying Sheger project’, is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s initiative.

PM Abiy officially launched the construction of the project that aimed at making the capital city a tourist destination.

The project aims to enhance the well-being of city dwellers by mitigating river flooding and through the creation of public spaces and parks, bicycle paths and walkways along the riverside.

Abiy, in his remark at the launching event near Taitu Road, said: “No force can stop Ethiopia’s journey towards prosperity.”

“Ethiopia’s existence and prosperity rely on the hard work and commitment of its people,” he added.

The project, which will be built with partial financial support from the Chinese Government within three years, is aimed at making Addis Ababa live up to its name, he added.

The project runs from Mount Entoto to Akaki, developing 56km green spaces along the rivers.
The development will be along the two most notable rivers in the capital city, stretching 27.5 and 23.8 kilometers correspondingly.

[Photo FBC]