Ethiopia, IMF to Continue Talks on Program Support this Month

ADDIS ABABA – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says discussions on Ethiopian authorities’ request on IMF support for a reform program will continue later this month.

This follows yet another meeting about the program bailout held during an IMF Staff Team two-week visit to Addis Ababa from March 19.

“Building on earlier discussions, the team made substantial progress toward establishing ways that the IMF can support the authorities economic program,” IMF’s spokeswoman Julie Kozak told a press briefing Thursday.

The talks would continue during the 2025 IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings scheduled to be held in Washington later this month.

The parameters of the IMF-supported program are key to pave the way for Ethiopia’s ongoing bid to restructure its debt under the G20 Common Framework.

Ethiopia is facing multiple challenges emanating from recent internal and external shocks. These challenges include food insecurity, humanitarian needs, post conflict reconstruction, and high inflation, per IMF.

Authorities requested the global lender for financial assistance to fund the homegrown economic reform agenda two (HGRA II) aimed at responding to macroeconomic vulnerabilities and driving the nation on the path of sustainable economic growth.

Discussions with the IMF staff team are ongoing with an objective of reaching an agreement on program bailout.

IMF’s spokeswoman Kozak said talks are ongoing on the request aimed at “helping Ethiopia address the significant challenges it is facing,” and support its “Reform Agenda, which aims to fulfill the country’s considerable economic potential”.

“These discussions are continuing and will continue at the upcoming Spring Meetings, which will begin in just a few weeks,” Kozak said.

The 2025 IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings will take place in Washington from April 15 to 19.

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