Ethio Telecom Agrees to Digitize Energy, Water Services Delivery

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has agreed to implement smart utility solutions aimed at digitally transforming the Ministry of Water and Energy or MoWE’s operation and services.

The state-owned telecom service provider and the Ministry signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday.

Ethio Telecom – a subject of an ongoing partial privatization bid – envisages to be the leading digital solutions provider in the country as per its Growth Strategy launched in the same year its rival Safaricom Ethiopia launched commercial operations in October 2022.

Its latest partnership agreement “primarily aims to digitize the data” of the MoWE and its affiliated institutions, using Ethio Telecom’s cloud infrastructure.

The agreement aims to facilitate integration from federal to kebele level water offices to enable the timely exchange of data and information, in addition to digitizing water metering for institutional, commercial, and private water customers. It also involves implementing solutions to monitor inflows, outflows, and water levels in real-time with integration into data centers,

This partnership, the telco says, would play a pivotal role in increasing the efficiency of the MoWE and its affiliates’ operations and services through data-driven decision-making.

As per the MoU, the Ministry of Water and Energy will provide Ethio Telecom with all the necessary information, data, and documents required to implement the agreement.

In return, the Telecom company will install and expand productivity tools and digital solutions, provide technical support and training/capacity building, arrange suitable payment mechanisms, and deliver digital infrastructure as outlined in the agreement framework.

In recent years, Ethio Telecom concluded a series of similar agreements with government and private service-rendering institutions.

“The goal of these agreements is to digitize and revolutionize service delivery, address inefficiencies, enhance the lives of citizens, and empower valued customers with cutting-edge technologies,” the telco said.

The deals are part of the telco’s push to shift its revenue from traditional streams to value-added and content-driven services by introducing new digital solutions. Last year, Ethio Telecom’s annual revenues grew by 23.5% to 75.8 Billion Birr while its total subscribers number rose to 72 Million in the June-ended fiscal year.