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Ethio Telecom selects HyperSense Fraud Management

ADDIS ABABA  – Subex, a pioneer in driving AI-led Digital Trust, announced that it has been selected by Ethio Telecom to deploy its Fraud Management solution. 

The solution, which is built on Subex’s AI orchestration platform, HyperSense, will replace Ethio Telecom’s existing legacy fraud management system, thereby enabling them to move from a traditional rules-based approach to an AI-first approach.

This approach will, in turn, enable them to detect new and unknown threats in real-time, according to Subex.

Ethio Telecom is Ethiopia’s leading integrated telecommunications solutions provider, with over 50 million subscribers. The telecom operator has recently launched a pre-commercial 5G network within the country. 

In order to sustain its market leadership by providing high-quality, and innovative offerings, Ethio Telecom wanted to enhance and broaden its risk management strategy by having a holistic defense mechanism.

“For over two decades, Subex has been in the market leaders’ group in the fraud management space. This fact, coupled with the success we have seen through the deployment of their Revenue Assurance (currently Business Assurance) solution has made them the ideal partner of choice in our fight against telecom risks,” said Tsegaye Emmanuel, Chief Information Security Officer of Ethio Telecom.

“I believe that, in the future, as the threat landscape evolves, Subex’s AI-first fraud management system will be vital in safeguarding our business and customers. We see this as a future-proof investment that aligns with our digital services initiatives,” the Chief Information Security Officeradded.

With the AI-first Fraud Management system on HyperSense, which leverages AI in every step of the Fraud management process, Subex said Ethio Telecom will now be able to bring in enhanced accuracy, coverage, and time-to-detect. 

These capabilities will, in turn, enable the operator to adopt a proactive approach to combating risks such as SIM Box, Spoofing, SMS frauds, roaming frauds, subscription frauds, device frauds, Mobile money risks, Credit Risk Management, etc. 

Furthermore, Subex said,  with its earlier deployment of Subex’s Business Assurance, Ethio Telecom will now be able to consolidate its Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management approach to ensure the breaking down of silos and enhance operational efficiency.

With Subex’s Fraud Management solution on HyperSense, Ethio Telecom will also be able to improve fraud coverage across their various business lines, leverage Explainable AI capabilities to enhance customer experience, and make quick data-driven decisions with advanced visualization and dashboarding capabilities.

The solution will cater to the telco’s new business requirements with the system’s scalability and elasticity, benefit from rolling upgrades such as eliminating long and expensive upgrade cycles and reduce TCO with open-source components and low hardware footprint.

“With the implementation of our fraud management solution coupled with the existing Business Assurance solution, Ethio Telecom will now benefit from a holistic risk management approach as they gear up to provide 5G services,” said Shankar Roddam, Whole-Time Director & Chief Operating Officer at Subex.

“We at Subex feel privileged to be working with Ethio Telecom to empower them in this fast-changing landscape”.