Netherlands’ Veon Eyes Ethiopian Telecom Sector

ADDIS ABABA – Veon Telecom, an Amsterdam headquartered global digital operator, is keen to invest in the Ethiopian telecom market, says the Ministry of Finance, as its officials continue to hold discussions with interested companies.

Ethiopia has launched a tendering process for the partial privatization of the state-owned Ethio Telecom company, as well as another tendering process to issue a third telecom license.

Officials already met with Orange, France’s largest telecoms firm, which has reiterated its interest in investing in the Ethiopian telecom market.

A similar discussion was held between State Minister of Finance Eyob Tekalign and Group CEO of Veon Telecom Matthieu Galvani on Tuesday.

State minister Eyob pointed out “Veon’s vast experience in developing and frontier economies and expressed interest to work together”.

In a response, Matthieu appreciated the expanding opportunities in the Ethiopian economy, reads the MoF statement.

The Group CEO also shared Veon’s holistic market presence approach, where it plays a role from direct telecom operation to the digitalization of national economies.

The meeting ended with State Minister Eyob extending an invitation to Matthieu and his team to visit Ethiopia “soon to undertake technical assessments and actualize investment engagements,” as per the MoF.

Veon’s website says the company currently provides converged connectivity and online services to nearly 160 million customers in six countries.

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