Ethio Telecom customer using Telebirr mobile money service
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Ethio Telecom Adds Gaming, Music, Video Streaming to its Services

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has partnered with four local private firms to start new digital entertainment services for its customers.

Four entertainment apps offering video, music streaming, and mobile game services launched via Telebirr digital payment system.

The apps are the first entertainment services to be added to the Telebirr platform since the telco revamped it to SuperApp in March.

Currently, Ethio Telecom’s TeleBirr has more than 30 million subscribers.

“Beyond ensuring connectivity services,” Ethio Telecom said, it “has been intensively engaged in setting up customer-driven digital solutions and inclusive platforms”.

These efforts are aimed at empowering the Ethiopian entertainment industry, the telco added.

Habesha View’s IPTV/OTT video streaming service is among the four value-added services launched today.

It provides customers with a variety of content ranging from live TV programs, drama, and series movies to various premium videos via Mobile App/Web.

Sewasew’s Music Streaming is another service added to offer high-quality songs both online and offline to Ethiopian music fans.

Telecom also partnered with Technolab Interactive PLC and iConnect Digital Service to launch Telegames Appland, and Telewin two new mobile games, respectively.

The newly launched apps would encourage local art and artists’ creativity, and bridge the digital engagement gap, content rights, and monetization, by providing easy payment and access channels, says the telco.