103 Investors say Keen to Join Bure Agro Industrial Park

ADDIS ABABA – More than one hundred investors expressed their interest to invest after officials pitched investment opportunities in Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP).

The Bure IIAIP, located in one of the oldest trading hubs in Ethiopia with 700 years of history, was built at a cost of 8 billion Birr and inaugurated last year.

The investment forum to promote opportunities at the Bure IAIP for local and foreign investors was held in Bahir Dar in the presence of senior federal and regional government officials.

The region’s Chief Administrator Yilikal Kefale said the growth of agricultural production and productivity in the region is creating a favorable environment for the manufacturing sector.

He called on the participating investors to join the IAIP and engage in value addition of agricultural products for domestic and foreign markets.

Bure IAIP is a part of the federal government’s ongoing investment to build seven ago-processing industries in various agricultural corridors of the country.

Officials say the construction of at least three has been completed at a cost of 30 billion Birr and started operation

The Bure IAIP is well equipped with vital infrastructures such as water, electricity, and a waste disposal system and is ready to accommodate more investments in Agro-processing.

During the Forum, prospective investors were briefed on the incentives that the government offers to investors joining the industrial park.

Some companies operating in the region and Bure IAPI also showcased their products to participants of the industrial.

Industry Minister Melau Alebel said the event to promote the industrial complex was “successful”. “About 103 potential investors showed interest,” to enter the industrial park, the minister said.