A group of CSOs visit mekelle on monday

Group of Civil Society Organizations Visit Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – A group of local and foreign civil society organizations conducted a working visit to Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray region on Monday.

The visit was led by the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOs), an independent institution that has more than 4000 Ethiopia-based CSOs as its members.

The visit was aimed at creating awareness of the current humanitarian aid delivery and the possibility of working with CSOs in Tigray rehabilitation and similar activities in the region, according to the Council.

“True social transition and lasting peace can be ensured by listening to the people and devising problem-solving procedures that take into account the values of the people,” said Executive Director of the Council Henok Melesse, while delivering his message at the consultation program.

“The Council has been stating on several occasions that if we cannot resolve conflicts and disagreements in a civilized manner through dialogue, we are giving the problem a chance to continue to fester and bequeath problems to future generations,” Henok added

The Director of the Alliance of CSOs of Tigray (ACSOT) Yared Berhe, on his part, said “Even though the civil society sector has not been able to save the people who have suffered greatly due to the result of war.”

“Now more than ever,” he said, “we need to create a comprehensive collaboration of CSOs in all directions to ensure the provision of immediate support to the citizens who have been caught in the crossfire.”

The group of CSOs also visited the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp where the IDPs in the shelter urged for immediate support as they are still faced with dire situations, as per ECSOs statement.

The Ethiopian Council of Civil Society Organizations in collaboration with the Alliance of Tigray CSOs organized the working visit to Mekelle.