PM met with university lecturers to discuss the role of scholars in nation building on tuesday

PM Discusses Scholars’ Role in Nation Building with Univ Lecturers

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed discussed with university lecturers the role of scholars in the national development of Ethiopia

Lecturers from all universities from across the country attended the discussion on Tuesday.

Participants posed various questions related to academic life as well as national development, peace, and security issues.

In the discussion, the premier also highlighted the importance of academics and scholars doing the necessary for the nation in order to build the country they all aspire for.

“The role of scholars in cultivating the next generation is critical to the nation,” the PM said, urging the scholars “to do their part in this regard.”

The PM also cautioned to temper expectations against various socio-economic challenges the country is confronted with and play a stronger role in posing sound solutions.

“Applying intellectualism to produce substantial solutions to national challenges is expected of our scholars,” he added.

Abiy also set a direction for follow-up by relevant authorities with regard to critical issues raised by participants, as per the PM office.

Featured Image: PM met with university lecturers to discuss the role of scholars in nation-building on Tuesday, January 24, 2023[ Photo PMoE]