First Integrated Agro-Industrial Park inaugurated in Bure Town

ADDIS ABEBA – Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park was inaugurated in Bure Town, one of the oldest trading hubs in Ethiopia with 700 years of history, on Sunday.

“The agro-industry park and factory inauguration will take Bure back to its historical significance,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who attended the inaugural event of the park together with other high-ranking officials.

The Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks [IAIPs] represent one of the main mechanisms to support Ethiopia’s agricultural production transformation from being fragmented and supply-driven to becoming organized, demand-led and quality-oriented.

Bure IAIP is the first among four IAIP Pilot facilities the country plans to open, according to the PM.

Officials said the park mainly focuses on processing agricultural produces to export value-added products which primarily benefits farmers.

“This feeds into the Government’s efforts to build market-oriented agriculture & strengthen the agro-processing sector,” the PM added.

The industry park will suffice for the establishment of 100 medium and large food processing factories, according to the PM office.

It will also create 100,000 permanent jobs & nearly 900,000 temporary jobs when fully operational, it added.

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