Ethiopian, Boeing Mark Anniversary of Africa’s First Dreamliner Delivery

Unveil new design concepts at the Ethiopian Museum of Art and Science

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing, a US planemaker, celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the first 787 Dreamliner delivery to the African carrier on Tuesday.

The Ethiopian was the first airline on the continent to take delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner immediately after Boeing introduced the plane for service in 2011.

It has since been utilizing the plane type to sustainably grow its long-haul network across the world from its hub in Addis Ababa.

“We are glad to mark a decade since we ushered in the first 787 Dreamliner into Africa, building on our pioneering role in African aviation,” said Mesfin Tasew, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO.

– Exhibition Marks Anniversary –

As part of today’s anniversary celebrations, the airlines and Boeing unveiled an exhibition at the Ethiopian Museum of Art and Science.

The airlines said the show is designed for educational exhibits in the mobility hall of the Museum.

The museum will feature permanent exhibits from both companies, including a 787 Dreamliner simulator experience.

– Impact on Flight Network –

Ethiopian Airlines currently operates a combined fleet of twenty-seven B787-8s and B787-9s.

“The 787 has been instrumental in expanding our long and medium-haul flights,” CEO Mesfin said.

The Dreamliner has also “redefined on-board comfort for our passengers, thanks to its advanced technology and remarkable cabin features,” he added.

The delivery of the plane type has boosted the 75-year-long partnership between Boeing and the airlines whose officials recently agreed to position Ethiopia as Africa’s aviation hub.

Omar Arekat, Sales and Marketing vice president at Boeing’s Middle East and Africa, said Boeing’s “most modern” products like the 787 have helped Ethiopian to build “a great airline”.

“The incredible versatility of the 787 Dreamliner has played a vital role in helping Ethiopian Airlines become Africa’s largest airline,” Arekat added.

The 787 family also delivers fuel efficiency to operators like Ethiopian Airlines, reducing fuel use and emissions by 25% compared to the airplanes it replaces, according to the US Aerospace firm.