Africa Bamboo to Set up Production Plant at Hawassa IP

ADDIS ABABA – Africa Bamboo Plc has entered Hawassa Industrial Park to produce housing and construction materials.

The Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) said the firm has already completed the prerequisites for production.

African Bamboo, engaged in the bamboo-based floorboard business, is registered in Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

The manufacturer has now joined more than 50 foreign companies based in Hawassa Industrial Park.

In its Hawassa plant, Sandokan Debebe, IPDC’s CEO, said the company will manufacture wall cladding and indoor flooring from Bamboo.

Studies, however, claim the utilization of the resources is basically rudimentary and bamboo product import exceeds export.

African Bamboo Plc has already established a vertically-integrated supply chain for its manufacturing plant, IPDC’s officials said.

The chain extends from bamboo sourcing and manufacturing at Hawassa IP to the international market.

The Hawassa IP, located 275km south of Addis Ababa, is specialized in 100% exportable products.

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