GCS: Govt to Assume Control of Fed Airports, Facilities in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – The Federal Government today announced decision to take control of all airports, other federal facilities and installations in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

In a statement today, the Government Communication Services (GCS) mentioned that TPLF’s offensive on August 24 triggered the latest round of conflict in northern Ethiopia.

Following that, it said, hostile foreign actors supporting the TPLF repeatedly and gravely violated Ethiopia’s airspace, prompting the government to take defensive measures.

“These measures are necessitated not only by the repeated attacks of the TPLF but also by its active collusion with these hostile foreign powers,” GCS statement noted.

The Federal government has today moved to “assume immediate control” of all federal facilities in Tigray region.

“This is necessary to protect Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in particular as it relates to its airspace,” its communication office said.

The move will also “enable the Government to expedite humanitarian aid to people in need,” it added.

The GCS said the National Defence Force or ENDF will strictly abides by all international humanitarian law, and avoids combat operations in urban settings to prevent civilian casualties.

“Strict instructions have been given to all combat units to reinforce this commitment,” the GCS said, and warned civilians to avoid areas closer to military facilities in advance.

While pursuing these objectives, the Government added it is committed to the peaceful resolution of the conflict through the AU-led peace talks,” the GCS said.

“We believe that there is a need for a comprehensive and negotiated settlement that would bring about durable peace,” it said.

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