Ethiopia, India Keen to Boost Defense Cooperation

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Defense Minister Abreham Belay (Ph.D.) held talks with India’s Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Abreham is among dozens of African defense ministers invited to participate in the India-Africa Defence Dialogue on Tuesday.

On Monday, Abreham met with his Indian counterpart Singh and elaborated on the two nations’ long-standing relations and cooperation.

He referred to India’s prior assistance to Ethiopia in building elite military academies and how that assistance is still evident in the various areas of the two nations’ ongoing defense cooperation.

The minister also emphasized the necessity of bolstering this cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI) and other next-generation ideas.

Abreham expressed his belief that the Memorandum of Understanding that has been in the pipeline would be signed between the two countries very soon.

In agreement with Abreham, India’s defense minister Singh said that the two nations have enormous potential in the industry and that both sides should cooperate to realize this potential.

After the discussion, Ethiopia’s ambassador to India Tizita Mulugeta said the Defence Ministers’ meeting was successful.

“They underline the need to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries in Defence cooperation,” the ambassador said in a tweet.