Tax Officials Collect 26.9 Billion Birr Revenue in May

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Revenues on Saturday said it has collected more than 26.9 billion birr in tax and non-tax revenues in May, achieving 97.23% of its target for the month.

The ministry planned to collect at least 27.6 billion birr in the last 11 months of the current 2021/22 Ethiopian budget year.

More than 26.9 billion birr has been collected in the month, said Revenues Minister Lake Ayalew, attaining 97.23% of the plan.

The minister described the overall performance as “excellent,” as it was achieved amid various the challenges”

The total revenue has shown a 28.46% (or over 8.96bln birr) increase as compared to the same month last year.

Much of the monthly revenue came from domestic tax, amounting to more than 13.66 billion birr. The remaining nearly 13.24 revenue came from export tax and customs duties.

The total figure has brought the revenues the government racked up in the past 11-month period close to 309,45 billion birr, up by 19.43% (50.3 billion birr) from the same months last year.

The ministry was able to collect 93.49% of its target which was 330.98 billion birr.

The Minister attributed the performance to the efforts of the Ministry of Revenues and Ethiopian customs Commission workers as well as federal taxpayers who declared their income and paid their taxes on time.

Tax authorities plan to collect a total of 360 billion in revenues by the end of the budget year.

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