Diaspora Urged to Support Efforts to Rebuild Schools Damaged by Conflict

ADDIS ABABA – Education Minister Berhanu Nega (Prof) called on the Ethiopian diaspora community in the United Kingdom to step up their support for rebuilding of schools damaged in conflicts in their country.

The minister made the call on Sunday during his meeting with the professional members of the Ethiopian community in London, according to the Ethiopian Embassy in the UK.

The Ministry already took responsibility to rebuild 1,093 heavily damaged schools and allocated 1.6 billion birr to the reconstruction project.

However, officials say the effort needs more funds to rehabilitate the entire schools damaged in the recent conflicts, estimating the total cost to reach at least 100 billion birr.

In London, Education Minister Berhanu called on the professional members of the community to support the ongoing efforts of ensuring quality of education in Ethiopia.

He also urged the diaspora community to contribute to the national efforts of rebuilding schools damaged by conflicts in various parts of the country.

In the first nine months of the fiscal year, the Ethiopians living raised 777.35 million birr in support of conflict-hit communities and efforts to restore public facilities.