PM: Summer Wheat Production “Progressing Well”

ADDIS ABABA – The ongoing summer wheat production in various parts of Ethiopia is progressing well, says Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday.

Authorities launched the wheat production during summer time four years ago with a cultivation about 3, 000 hectares of land through irrigation.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the production has covered 405,000 hectares of land this year.

The “summer wheat production is progressing well,” said Prime Minister Abiy. “Let us build on our successes thus far”.

“Together with urban agriculture endeavors, we can gradually address food security challenges,” the PM tweeted.

Officials at the Ministry of Agriculture expect farmers involved in summer production to harvest at least 16 million quintals of wheat from at least 450, 000 hectares of land cultivated using both irrigation and Belg rains. 

“The activities so far shown encouraging results,” said Meles Mekonnen, state minister of agriculture in a statement mid-April, and adding more than 4 million quintals of wheat have been harvested from 140, 000 hectares cultivated land.