Sheger Bakery Resumes Production

ADDIS ABABA – Sheger Bread and Flour Factory, the largest bread production plant in Ethiopia, has resumed production, says Addis Ababa Mayor Wednesday.

The Bakery, established through a public-private partnership in mid-2020, suspended its operations mainly due to rise in wheat price in the international market.

Officials of the factory, owned by Midroc Ethiopia, initially said the company’s Horizon Plantation’s wheat farm could complement the import input.

The issue has now been resolved after the City administration availed a total of 812 million birr subsidy budget for wheat purchase, said Addis Ababa City mayor Adanech Abiebie.

The factory has today resumed production from its plant in Akaki Kality sub-city.

The distribution of bread to shops across the city will start as of Thursday morning, the Mayor added.

The mayor admitted that there is a challenge in reaching out to the prioritized parts of the society – lower and middle income households.

Despite monitoring efforts in place, she said there some businesses take advantage of the subsidy to make profit.

The public should play its part and tip-off proper authorities when such misuse are happening, Adanech added.

Apart from bread, city officials said a total of 2 million liters of edible oil are currently being distributed to consumer cooperatives. “Residents, particularly lower income households, could buy them at a reasonable price from shops of consumer cooperatives,” Adanech said.

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