Three Children Die in House Fire in Silte Zone

ADDIS ABABA – Three children were killed in a fire accident in southern Ethiopia’s Silte Zone on Monday night, police said.

The fire broke out at around 8:20p.m. local time, burning down two houses in the Grinzila Shefode Kebele which is located in the rural part of Silte, according to the communication office of the Zone.

Residents in the area were able to control the fire before spreading to other houses despite the strong surface wing on the night, according to police.

They, however, couldn’t save the three children in one of the two houses that were completely destroyed by the blaze.

The police said the children who lost their lives were members of one family, and were six, five and a year olds. Two of the victims were girls.

The Police have not yet determined the cause of the accident.

Authorities urged the public to be cautious as the ongoing season which includes relatively low relative humidity, and strong surface wind may cause further damage if the same accident reoccurred.