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Cyber-attack Attempts on Ethiopia Increasing

ADDIS ABABA – Financial institutions were the major targets as Ethiopia encountered a record number of cyber-attack attempts in six-months.

Shumete Gizaw, head of Information Network Security Agency (INSA), said Ethiopia encountered more than 3,400 in the first half of the fiscal year, beginning July 2021.

This is the highest Ethiopia has recorded in six months, he said. The total number has also tripled as compared to the same period last year.

Most of the cyber-attacks had targeted financial and service providing institutions. Government ministries, regional bureaus, academic institutions and media houses were also the targets for hackers, according to INSA.

The director said the most repeated attacks were on infrastructure and websites, accounting 33%, and 25%, respectively. The remaining were malicious software, hacking social media pages, and online frauds.

Almost all of the attempted cyber-attacks have been thwarted before causing any harm, said the Director, owing it the agency continued effort to grow its capacity to respond to threats in the recent years.

The Director, however, advised organizations and institutions to remain vigilant and continue strengthening their cyber security systems.

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