Green Legacy Starting to Yield Results, says PM

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the ongoing Green Legacy initiative, involving annual tree planting campaign, is having a positive impact in many parts of Ethiopia.

Launched in 2019, the four-year reforestation initiative has so far helped the country to plant 18 billion tree seedlings.

“One of the goals of the Green Legacy initiative is to greatly reduce soil erosion and its consequences,” Prime Minister Abiy said on Monday.

“The actions undertaken have been able to successfully prevent soil erosion in various parts of the country,” Abiy said. “Together in unity, we will continue to adorn our Ethiopia.”.

The reforestation campaign through the green legacy initiative aims at curbing the effects of climate change and deforestation, and the national tree planting push is expected to continue in the upcoming Ethiopia’s major Kiremt rainy season.