Africa’s COVID Total Nears 10.6 million: Africa CDC

ADDIS ABABA — Africa’s confirmed COVID-19 cases tally has reached 10,591,594 cases as of Monday evening, reported the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

The African Union’s health agency said the Covid-induced death toll in the continent stands at 237,007.

Both figures represent 3% of all cases and 4.2% of all deaths reported globally, according to the Africa CDC which puts the recoveries count in the continent at 9.5 million.

“The overall daily number of new cases being reported across the continent (between February 15 and 24 January) is on a downward trend,” the agency indicated.

It, however, said about twenty-eight (51%) African countries are reporting higher than the global case fatality ratios.

The AU health agency has put South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Egypt, respectively, as the top five African countries with the most confirmed cases.

South Africa has recorded the most Covid-19 cases in Africa with 3,581,359 infections, followed by Morocco with 1,045,25 cases and Tunisia with 853,905 as of Monday evening, said the agency.

In terms of sub-region, Southern Africa is the most affected sub-region, followed by the northern and eastern parts of the continent. Central Africa is the least affected region.

Except Eritrea, all African Union member states have started offering COVID-19 vaccine to their citizens, administrating a total of 363.2 million doses as of Monday evening.

The agency says 10.7 percent of Africans are fully vaccinated.

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