Abrehot Library

Abrehot, Ethiopia’s Biggest Library, Opens to Public

ADDIS ABABA – Top government officials have attended the inauguration ceremony as the much-anticipated Abrehot Library in Addis Ababa opens to the public.

Abrehot, meaning ‘Enlightenment’, is located in front of the Parliament Hall at Arat Kilo and could accommodate more than 2,000 users at a time.

The construction of the 19,000-square-meter facility took almost two years and cost more than 1.1 billion Birr.

The project was initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who inaugurated the facility in the presence of senior government officials including Education Minister Birhanu Nega and City Mayor Adanech Abiebie.

The library will serve as a key to unlock the immense potential of Ethiopians, said PM Abiy while speaking at the inauguration ceremony held on Saturday morning.

The 4-story facility, the biggest public library in the country, is equipped with 1.5km long shelves that are capable of holding 1.4 million books.

It also has 8 bookstores, a meeting room, a cafeteria, a children’s reading area, and parking that can accommodate 115 vehicles at a time.

Apart from books, Abrehot Library currently houses more than 300,000 local and 120,000 international research papers.

The new facility is one of many projects that testified to the Addis Ababa City administration’s commitment to making the capital attractive as its name suggested, said Mayor Adanech.

The administration launched its construction simultaneously with other projects including the Pushkin Square-Gotera interchange and the Adwa Memorial Center, that will commemorate the Ethiopians who fought with Italian forces on March 1, 1896, at the Battle of Adwa.

Some of the first visitors to the new Library lauded the project.

“It is really a great gift to the public in general and scholars who want to do research in a comfortable environment,” said Wendwosen Tollera, a teacher, after visiting the facility.

Another visitor, Sime, has expressed his desire for other cities in the country to have similar facilities.