MPs Pass Bill to Set up National Dialogue Commission

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian lawmakers have today ratified the bill that will pave a way for an establishment of a National Dialogue Commission.

The approval came two after the Abiy Ahmed administration introduced the draft proclamation to the Parliament.

The bill is called the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission Establishment Proclamation.

It has been a subject of public discussions after the parliamentarians referred it to their Legal, Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee.

The discussions helped to add inputs to the bill and was presented to the parliament for approval on Wednesday.

MPs, after deliberating on the committee’s report and the bill, have ratified the draft proclamation with a majority vote.

As per the law, the objective of the establishment of the commission is to facilitate consultations among various segments of the society on fundamental national issues by identifying the root causes of existing differences through dialogue.

It is also aimed at laying strong social and political foundations on the basis of which the current problems of the country will be solved in a sustainable manner and ensure lasting peace.