Fitsum Assefa

MPs Approve Ethiopia’s 10-Year Development Plan

ADDIS ABABA –  Ethiopia’s Parliament approved on Tuesday a new 10-years development plan, which envisioned the country to become ‘An African Beacon of Prosperity’.

The parliament unanimously approved the 200-long page document which, officials said, anchored 6 objectives, 10 strategic pillars, and 6 priority focus areas.

“Congratulations to those who made this happen through your unreserved contributions during our marathon journey,” said Fitsum Assefa, head of government’s Planning and Development Commission, after the endorsement.

The development plan, which replaced the Growth and Transformation Plan, will serve Ethiopia as a Pathway to Prosperity for the coming 10 years starting from the current 2020/21  to 2029/30 fiscal year.

Fitsum said the plan touches all aspects of the development of Ethiopia and its citizens.

Accelerating the country’s “path to prosperity through a private sector-led pragmatic market economy” is among the six objectives of the plan .

The others are maintaining macroeconomic stability and ensuring sustainable job opportunities; ensuring structural transformation through productivity and competitiveness; and ensuring the quality and universal accessibility of social services and infrastructure.

The other two are creating competitive, independent, and quality public service system; and building just and inclusive institutions that would ensure peaceful society

“The plan is well aligned with our global and regional development commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the AU Agenda 2063,” she added.

“With strong commitment in the implementation of the plan by all stakeholders, I am confident that Ethiopia will stay on course towards achieving prosperity,” she added.


Featured Image: Minister in Charge of Ethiopia’s Planning and Development Commission [Photo File]