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First Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opens in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Marathon Motors Engineering Plc has inaugurated Ethiopia’s first electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Addis Ababa as well as new EV models in the presence of top government officials.

The Company, a joint venture between Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company and an athlete-turned-businessman Haile Gebrselassie, rolled out its first locally assembled electric car to the Ethiopia car market last year.

It has now opened the first EV charging station where drivers can power their EVs fully within 15 minutes and drive up to 300 kilometers.

On the same occasion, the company launched the newly established assembly line for additional EV models named ‘Hyundai KONA’ and ‘Hyundai Ayonk’.

Its officials said the investments in EVs support the country’s climate resilience and greening ambitions.

Transport and Logistics Minister Dagmawit Moges, who attended the launching event, has called the company “a pioneer in EVs assembly in Ethiopia”.

Dagmawit also said the ministry, along with relevant other government institutions, is working to establish a system that will enable the adoption of EVs including local manufacturing & assembly.

“We are working on incentive packages for EVs & associated infrastructure,” she said.

“Our Vision of Decarbonisation of the transport & logistics sector is within reach. The Ministry of Transport is committed to support the private sector to ensure Green Mobility in Ethiopia,” she said. “Electric Vehicles are the future of our Country.”

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