Ethiopia Finalizes Preparation for Great Home Coming

ADDIS ABABA – The committee, established to facilitate the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge, said it has finalized preparations to welcome the massive influx of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia who are expected to take on the Great Homecoming Challenge.

Deputy Prime Minister and chair of the Committee Demeke Mekonnen, noted the encouraging response by people to accept the challenge.

“We appreciate the great response of people for accepting the challenge & showing solidarity with the people of #Ethiopia,” said Demek, who is also Foreign Minister of Ethiopia.

The committee, during a meeting held today, deliberated on measures taken to ease up the visa process, facilitate transportation and other relevant services and accommodations to make the event restful for the home comers.

The committee called upon Ethiopians in the Diaspora, people from Africa and the Caribbean region, including friends of Ethiopia from all over the world, to take on the challenge and show solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia will host various events to engage the Home Comers in the reconstruction process and peaceful protests against unnecessary external pressures on the country, according to the Committee.

The Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-telecom , private and government-owned hotels and other service giving institutions have already announced discounts on their services to make the challenge attractive to all.

The Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge aims to draw one Million people home ahead of the upcoming Christmas holiday.