Allied Federal and Regional forces of Ethiopia Capture Sekota Town

ADDIS ABABA – The allied federal and regional forces of Ethiopia have taken control of the town of Sekota, the capital of Wag Hemra zone of Amhara region.

“The federal Defense Forces and Amhara regional Forces have liberated most of Wag Hemra Zone and have taken control of its capital Sekota,” said the Government Communication Service (GCS)  in a statement today.

The militias of Wag Hemra Zone and its residents have played a commendable role in liberating most parts of the Zone, the GCS said.

After clearing the TPLF forces from the areas, it said the allied forces are now advancing to Abergele.

In the Qobo front, the allied forces have cleared out the TPLF stationed in Wajja and Timuga, and are heading for Alamata town. In addition, they are also advancing to Merewa and Korem after capturing Tekulesh area.

In the same statement, the government said the terrorist group who invaded the Amhara and Afar regions with backward fighting tactics and weapons and arrogance could not return back after incurring maximum cost.

In order to hide its losses, the group has continued with its lies to mislead the people of Tigray and the international community by saying that it has withdrawn from the areas for the sake of bringing peace.

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