Police Arrest Suspects involved in SNNPR Violence

ADDIS ABEBA – The Command Post established to oversee the security in the SNNP regional state is detaining individuals responsible for the violence in Southern Ethiopia.

Federal securities temporarily took over security in the region where scores died as a result of violent clashes between security forces and activists seeking a new autonomous enclave for the Sidama community.

That followed by violence in several towns that forced at least 900 people to flee their homes and, properties damaged and looted.

On Wednesday, the Command Post told reporters that the police are arresting those responsible for the violence in the region, and are recovering looted properties with the help of tip-off from the public.

Since they put in command, several Illegal weapons have been seized through security operations, including tight probes at checkpoints.

The command post said peace and security have now been restored in the region.

If sustainable peace and security remains as it is now, the command post will not be in charge for much longer, its officials said.

The Command Post prohibits activities that are against the law any actions in violation of human rights and unauthorized rally as well as the use of motorbikes in the city of Hawassa.

No curfew or other restrictions have been imposed in the region, according to the command post.

The Federal Security Council put in charge of security in the Hawassa city administration and districts of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ (SNNP) region after its administrator sought help from the federal government.

Hawassa is the capital of the state but some Sidama – who make up the largest group in the region – want it as the capital of their own new entity.