Terror Attack Plot in Addis Ababa Foiled: Police

ADDIS ABABA – A joint task force has foiled a major terror plot in Addis Ababa, said top federal and addis ababa police officials said on Friday.

Federal Police Criminal Investigation Bureau Deputy chief, Gen. Zetalem Mengiste, and the Addis Ababa Police Criminal and Traffic Accident Investigation Bureau chief, Hassen Negash, said the attempted attacks were orchestrated by TPLF and Shene terrorist groups.

Speaking at
During a press briefing today, Hassan said the TPLF has been plotting to carry out attacks in Addis Ababa and “intensively” prepared both terms of personnel and weapons.

However, he said the joint task force has managed to thwart the attackers with the support of the public.
Many suspects linked to the thwarted attack have been arrested along with several weapons, he said.

In the past fifteen days alone, Federal police said 219 guns, 13 bombs, 10 hand grenades, 41 Kalashnikov rifles and more than 10, 500 bullets have been captured from the suspects.

The two officials also said similar planned terrorism acts orchestrated by the criminal groups have been foiled in Benshangul, Harari and Gambella Regions and Dire Dawa City Administration, according to reports.