Authority: Flight in Ethiopian Airspace is Safe and Secured

ADDIS ABABA –  Any flight in Ethiopian Airspace including Addis Ababa international airport is safe and secured, said  Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority on Friday.

The statement came after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning civilian planes in Ethiopia of “exposure to ground weapons/surface-to-air fire”.

The warning issued and, then, reported by media outlets are “baseless and quite contradictory to the reality”, said civil aviation authority.

“We strongly assure users of our airspace and airports that we are not compromising their safety and security as we are taking every measure to ensure safe and secured flight operation as before,” said the Authority, adding that aviation officials are “complying with the international standards of safety and security measure”.

The East African nation believes it has become a victim of overt and covert misinformation campaign launched by supporters of TPLF and its supporters since the start of the conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

The U.S. issued the warning days after Prime Minister aviation Ahmed urged the public to pushbike and reverse the “sophisticated narrative war” wedged against Ethiopia.

Ethiopian envoy in Washington, Fitsum Arega called the latest U.S. Aviation Administration warning “is irresponsibility same as immorality”.

“Choice of words appears intended to strike terror in potential passengers. Unbefitting. Out of line!,” he wrote on his twitter page.