Dire Dawa-based Andrea Shoe makes its First Export to Italy

ADDIS ABABA – Andrea Shoes, leather goods Production Company based in Dire Dawa Industrial Park, has exported its first products to Italy.

The company started its manufacturing process by investing $750 million on a 5,500 square meter shed in the park.

This week, it has began exporting women’s leather Andrea Shoes to the international market by shipping more than 18,600 pairs of shoes to the European nation.

This first round of export has generated $80,336 dollars, said the Industrial Park Development Corporation or IPDC of Ethiopia.

Andrea Shoes, whose plant in Ethiopia also makes bags and other leather goods, is also pushing to enter more markets in Europe and North America. The company’s main market for now is Italy.

The company’s first round of production activity has resulted in the creation of 229 employment, with 77 men and 152 women employees.

In the second phase, the company plans to expand its operations, which will result in the creation of more than 450 additional job possibilities.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated Dire Dawa industrial park on Oct 29, 2020. Currently,  the park has 15 production sheds and hosts 5 manufacturing companies that employ more than 1300 workers, according to IPDC.